Thank you for expressing an interest in membership with our church.  It is always a joy to see someone go through the process of membership and then officially join the family. 


Simply put, here’s what the process looks like -

1. Get involved
2. Attend the "Welcome Home" Membership Class
3. Complete and turn in the Membership Application
4. Get interviewed by one of our elders and another member
5. Get officially accepted by congregational vote

Of course, it goes without saying that church membership and church involvement are different things.  All of our church members are involved in the church, but not all of the involved are church members yet.   Involvement is the first step in church membership.  The best way to get involved is to start by regularly attending the Sunday worship services.  From there we suggest getting plugged in at a midweek fellowship (i.e. Community Groups, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, College Group, Youth Group, etc.).  After this, we suggest finding a ministry in the church where you can regularly volunteer using your unique gifts and abilities to serve your fellow members (Children’s Ministry, Worship Team, Food Pantry, Fundraising, etc.).  If you need help getting involved in any of these ways please do not hesitate to call us and ask for help. 

We say that involvement is the first step, because we want to assure that all of our members are actively participating in the life of the church.  More foundationally, we want to see the faith of our members in action and substance of their hope.  So if you are not regularly attending Sunday services, mid-week fellowship, and volunteering in ministry then we would ask for you to begin that journey today.  After getting involved in the church, we have an annual Membership Class (we call it “WELCOME HOME”) where the process of official membership begins.  The class runs for 10 weeks and it covers an in depth overview of the theological beliefs (Orthodox doctrine, Bible history, end times, etc.), philosophical approach to church, and practical spirituality that we hold our members to believe and practice.  We will announce during church when the next class is scheduled and have sign-ups for all interested.  When the class is over you receive a Membership Application, which is returned to the church office.  A Membership Interview is scheduled and then upon approval by the congregation you are voted in as a new member. 

We realize that our church is unique in its approach of membership.  Many churches seem to have membership just for the sake of having membership or for having a larger number on their rosters.  While we hope our church membership grows, we do not want to compromise the purity of our church’s ethics and doctrines.  As an official member, a person is given the authority to help make decisions for the direction of our church as we make decisions (both financial and spiritual).  We have created this process of membership to instill commitment in our members, to prepare people for decision making in congregational voting and to safeguard the integrity of our witness in the community.  We would love for you to join our witness and so we encourage you to go through the membership process. 

I encourage you to begin the process today by getting involved and by signing up at the next Church Membership class.  It is quite easy to attend church and just be a recipient.  Sometimes we need to go through a time of receiving and growing before we are ready for the next step.  Not everyone is ready for membership right away and that is fine.  We do not believe that there is some hierarchy between official church members and those who just regularly attend.  In fact, there are some who have attended for a very long time and have yet to become members and that is fine too.  We are just excited to have the opportunity to minister to folks in anyway we can.  However, one of the greatest means of fulfillment in my life has been through being an extension of God’s love in regular service as an official member in the local church.  I hope to see you begin the process of membership.  Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.