Pastoral Team

Meet the men of our Pastoral Team who provide spiritual and physical oversight of the church. 

These men are the pastors of our church, who work together to lead the church according to the will of God, not lording over the body, but operating as true examples to the congregation in word and deed, responsible for its spiritual wellbeing. They meet weekly as a group to pray, study, and provide care for the church. Together they share in such responsibilities of teaching, prayer, counseling, discipling, carrying out church discipline, in addition to handling their respective roles on the Board. Although we recognize these pastors as authoritative in a time such as this when authority figures are not welcomed, we boldly declare that ultimate authority in the Church rests in Jesus Christ (our Senior Pastor) and the Word of God (the Bible). 

The authority of our pastors is only good as long as he is obedient to Christ, the scripture, the church, and the leading of the Holy Spirit.  (To learn more about the qualifications of what it takes to be a pastor [or biblical elder] we encourage you to CLICK HERE)



MATT JONES: Pastor of Preaching and Vision


Staff Directory-01 MattDr. Matt Jones has a passion for God and instructing people from His word, the Bible. He has been pastoring in the Del Rey Church for over 15 years and currently serves as our lead pastor (primus inter pares). Even more importantly, he has been happily married for over 12 years to Erika and the proud father of four sons (Micah, Elijah, Isaiah and Jeremiah) and two daughters (Talitha and Havilah). The Jones family is a certified foster home with Los Angeles County, always ready to shelter the orphaned and kids in need. Pastor Matt completed a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies at Moody Bible Institute, a master’s degree in apologetics at Biola University, and a second master’s degree in theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. He completed his doctorate at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University. As our lead pastor, Matt is focused on teaching people how to live life and upholding sound doctrine for the church. In his teaching, Matt contextually brings the message of Christ to the church in a way that is very personal, intellectual, and passionate. When he’s not at church or at home with his family, Matt and his wife like to spend time together in the outdoors (although they proudly confess that they are homebodies) and take road trips. For fun, Matt trains in martial arts (Kenpo), shoots guns, eats bacon, enjoys reading (lots of reading!), writing, making music, eating take-out food with his wife, and watching Netflix on the computer.



DAVE SCHLOTHAUER: Pastor and Church Board Chairman


Staff Directory-02 DaveDave Schlothauer is the chairman of the church board at Del Rey Church, providing pastoral wisdom to the team of pastors and the congregation.  Pastor Dave has been a pillar at Del Rey Church for over 15 years. He and his wife, Cindy, of 20 years have served in many capacities in the life of our congregation from acting in the Christmas play to heading up some amazing potlucks to serving on the Church Board in various roles. Dave is the proud father of two adult sons, John and Matthew, and an adult daughter, Christina. After graduating from Colorado State University, Dave entered the Marine Corps and served as an officer until he returned to graduate school finishing his M.B.A. at University of Colorado. Dave has had an extensive career in the business world and has been an active community member in Westchester where he resides. On occasion you will find Dave preaching the word for a Sunday morning service and weekly he leads a Community Group. He is a man of prayer and loves being available to serve others. In his spare time, Dave enjoys coaching softball, walking his dog, barbequing meat, and hunting, especially duck and deer.




GARY WILLIAMS: Pastor and Church Board Vice Chairman

Staff Directory-03 GaryGary Williams is a native of Southern California, born in Santa Monica in 1950.  Pastor Gary graduated from Venice High School in 1967, and thereafter attended college, graduating from the University of the Pacific in 1974. He heard the gospel of Jesus Christ at a Del Rey Church decades ago at one of our annual Men’s Retreats.  Realizing his need for the Savior, he responded to the gospel by repenting of his sins and receiving forgiveness from God through the atoning work of Jesus Christ and the power of His glorious resurrection. After the men’s retreat, he began attending Del Rey Church regularly and he’s been here ever since, serving in various ministries. Gary is married to his wife of over 30 years, Estela. Together, Gary and Estela have three children who are now adults, yet they are not empty-nesters because they have one of the coolest dogs in the world, Luna, who is like their fourth child. Gary’s favorite verse in the Bible is Romans 8:28 and his favorite book of the Bible is Philippians. In his spare time, Gary enjoys playing golf and fresh water fishing.




JIM BUTCHER: Pastor of Congregational Care and Counseling


Staff Directory-05 JimJim Butcher is a man of God with a passion for providing people with biblical care and love. Pastor Jim became a Christian in 1973 and has been an active family member here at Del Rey Church for over 10 years. The greatest joy of Jim’s life is his wife Colleen. They have been married for over ten years and reside in Westchester. Jim’s passion for providing care and love for people lead him to study counseling, in order to better serve others by pointing them to the wholeness that is found in Christ. He completed his undergraduate and graduate education at California State University, Dominguez Hills, receiving a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Jim works as a therapist at Richstone Family Center, providing care for patients of all ages, as well as family therapy. In addition to this, Jim does crisis intervention counseling at a few local high schools. For fun, Jim and Colleen like to go to the beach, ski, read books together, and travel, especially for hiking and backpacking trips.




TONY SHEN: Staff Pastor and Church Board Treasurer


Staff Directory-04 TonyTony Shen and his amazing wife, Jenni, came to Del Rey Church in 2005. They quickly became an active presence in the church and our preschool. Together they are the loving parents of three adorable children. Tony joined our staff in 2011 after many years of success in the business world, including the last several in non-profit public secondary education. He is a graduate of Harvard University, where he studied economics, and UCLA, where he completed his MBA. Tony has completed the counselor training program in the Del Rey Bible Institute and also is pursuing studies in theology. At church you can find him teaching, counseling, and wearing various hats, filling in the gaps and helping us renovate our ministries for bigger and better aims as we seek to spread the gospel in our community and beyond. In his spare time...well, apart from pursuing excellence and growth as a Christian, husband, father, and employee, he doesn't have any spare time. We are very thankful to have Tony on our ministry team and see him using his talents and lending his hands to help build the church.




INTERESTED IN BECOMING AN ELDER?  To see if you are qualified CLICK HERE and learn more about what it takes to be a pastor in the local church.





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